We take a hollistic approach to design, our years of experience have enabled us to develop a process that is efficient and effective. LSC has the proven experience to produce comprehensive corporate brands, and
implement the full range of design and marketing communications materials that help drive business for our clients. The end result is a strong concept or brand identity that generates awareness with the target audience, brings added value to the client’s organization, and exceptional value for the investment.

We begin by working with our clients to define the special attributes of their organization or product. Then we conduct research and analysis that includes a review of any existing materials. We review past marketing attempts; what worked and what didn’t. We assess factors like target audience, and how the company or product
is currently perceived. We then work to develop a concept based on the gathered information. The concept is discussed with the clients and rolls into the design. Each item is then addressed and adjusted to the client’s liking. Once a design has been mapped out, we review it with our client to assure there is an agreement in the direction we are going. This is the roadmap to creating a successful, creative and cohesive strategies for our clients. A
schedule is also created to keep the work on track. Changes and edits are made and the design is finalized.

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